Ecological and Energy Efficient Design Manual for Informal Settlements in the South Cone

South Cone, 2020

Groundlab was commissioned by the Inter American Development Bank (IADB) to participate in the development of a manual that adapts Green Infrastructure strategies to the context of informality in Latin America. The project includes a prototype in the northern city of Corrientes where the impact of implemented these strategies is analyzed at the scale of the city and of the informal settlement. 

Full Description

Reversing vulnerability as resilience is critical in the context of the imminent increasing pressures due to climate change, especially in the conditions of informal settlements in Argentina, where vulnerability is at its highest. The Atlas identifies the vulnerabilities and risks that informal settlements in Argentina are exposed to and defines the priorities to which green infrastructure strategies must respond. It maps vulnerability to different risks (flooding, drought, landscape fragmentation, erosion, water depletion and deforestation) to allow the visualization of the areas that are at most risk and therefore require most urgent action. It also ensures that the informal settlement is not isolated and is interdependent on other landscapes and territories at various scales (local, provincial, regional, national and even global), which is why it is developed for all these scales and includes a prototype in in the northern city of Corrientes where green infrastructure strategies at the scale of the city and of the informal settlement are implemented.