Beijing Garden

Beijing, 2013

Beijing gardens is aimed at fabricating a public space inserted in the middle of a frantic Beijing fabric- main roads, elevated highways, etc.- a small, intimate and intense environment that allows the pedestrians a space to stop, contemplate and relax. The project explores the idea of thickened ground and landscapes pockets for reflection, relaxation and ultimate playfulness.

Full Description

The concept comes from a mission of fabricating an experience both intimate and intense combined with a strong feeling of harmony with the environment and intimate contemplation. The concepts find its precedents within the SouZhou gardens tradition, such as the rock, the outcrop, the occidental equivalent of the grotto, and the use hanging and sunken gardens. The result is a combination of intense distortions of the ground and an acute sense of three dimensionality, where one feels itself draped by concrete, steel and vegetation, free to explore a thickened version of a microcosm in a series of pocket landscapes for reflection, relaxation and ultimate playfulness.


15 Shejichang Rd., Fengtai District, Beijing, China.


Groundlab, Plasmastudio



Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Detail, Design, Tender Documentation


Beijing International Garden Expo Construction Headquarters