Cartographic Grounds, GSD, Harvard

Harvard GSD, 2012

The work of Groundlab was shown in the Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary exhibition

Full Description

Cartographic Grounds reconciles the precision and instrumentality of the plan with the geographic and territorial implications of the map. In light of the ascendance of “mapping” and data visualization in design culture, and the privileging of abstract forces and flows, the exhibition re-imagines the projective potential of cartographic practices that afford greater proximity to the manifestation and manipulation of the ground itself. The approaches presented here offer landscape architecture a long-overdue reconciliation of the depiction of the ground as a site of design with the geological and geographic, the regional and the territorial. They provide contemporary design practice with clues to the imaginative intersection of the material and the digital, the data-driven and the experiential. Groundlab is taking part of the exhibition with the “Flowing Gardens” project.  See more information on the exhibition here




Finalized exhibition


Harvard GSD