Garden Courtyard / Hellowood

Csoromfolde, 2017

Gardens are a space for cultivation, human care, conversation, dialogue, friendship, and storytelling. In short, a space for communalization. To complete the life of the Village we believe in the necessary implementation of a garden, a crucial element to produce encounters, encourage conversation, foster care and cultivation of human and nature relations.

Full Description

A garden will provide a space for onsite learning, production and reflections in an ever-evolving campus that confront and questions our relation to nature. Our garden will be a place of intimacy and reflection, a place to stop, think and share the daily activities of the village. To flourish, it will require a constant care by the villagers in the heart of the village. Embedded in the ground and nourish by it, it will represent, literally and concretely, the inevitable dependent link the village has with its grounds and its context for survival.


Csoromfolde, Hungary.


Groundlab, Plasmastudio



Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Detail Design, Site Supervision


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