Green New Deal Glasgow

Glasgow, 2021

In the UK, AA Groundlab partnered with think tank Common-Wealth to imagine the implementation of a set of Green New Deal policies in Glasgow, in a 2030 scenario ahead of COP 26. 

Full Description

The project envisions Glasgow in 3 scales: at the city-scale, new networks of green and blue infrastructure are proposed to build flooding resilience, bring people closer to nature and transition to alternative energies; at the street-scale ‘away with the cars’ policies increase the space for pedestrians, public transport, green infrastructure and green community business; at the tenement-scale retrofitting ensures social housing has proper insulation and energy saving mechanisms for the inhabitants health and climate change together with sharing communal facilities for maintenance, food production and community leisure.

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AA Groundlab in collaboration with Common Wealth



Design Stages

Research and Policy


Common Wealth