Green New Deal Birmingham

Birmingham, 2022

AA Groundlab and Common Wealth, in collaboration with a wide range of local groups and authorities, partnered to develop visualisations that can envision the benefits of decongestions policies and green mobility for the city of Birmingham.

Full Description

The project envisions Birmingham in 3 views: (i) industrial view: take a look at the transformation of the automotive industry, from combustion engine vehicle production towards the production of more sustainable and electric forms of transport; (ii) street view: take a walk-through in Birmingham to see both a current condition (which prioritises the use of private vehicles) towards an aspirational future (where streets are safer for pedestrians and cyclists and offer alternative modes of green transport); (iii) aerial view: explore the impacts of local interventions and visualise how a network of sustainable transport can be integrated into the city.

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AA Groundlab. 



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Common Wealth