Latent Landscape Chalco

Mexico City, 2012

Urban studies in the area of Valle de Chalco area in Mexico City. The area suffers from lack of public spaces and flooding events that hit the city every year.  The project aims at the integration of water infrastructure (drainage, run off, etc.) with the design and allocation of public space.

Full Description

Latent Landscapes proposes the use and rethinking of the linear structure of the streets of Chalco. This vital space consolidates it as urban fabric, through the use of its natural ability to collect and distribute water in the territory. This proposal is strengthened by means of the generation of a hybrid drainage system extended throughout its territory with different intensities. The system regulates -infrastructurally- water during the rainy season, generates -scenically- green spaces and linear parks with minimal maintenance and reinforces -socially- existing public spaces, flea markets, trade corridors, pedestrian walk, etc.


Mexico City, Mexico


Architectural Association Visiting School Mexico City (Landscape Urbanism), Groundlab (Architecture, Landscape Urbanism)



Design Stages

Concept Design