Mobility Centre

San Candido, 2013

Grounlab alongside Plasma Studio designed a project for the Municipality of San Candido that reorganizes the area around the train station due to its relocation closer to the city centre.

Full Description

The project involves the redesign of the station and all the infrastructural components, such as main crossing points for cars, pedestrians, bicycles and trains. At the same time the area in front of the old train station will be freed up to allow the introduction of new programs with new activities for the town. The proposal uses this space to create a unique “Innichen showcase” where local products like bacon, mineral water, felt, linen, etc. are to be displayed. This territory works as a transition area and attraction for visitors and residents from the north of the municipality and beyond.


Groundlab and Plasma Studio

Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Detail, Design, Tender Documentation.




San Candido Municipality.