Multiplying Grounds

Astana, 2011

Multiplying grounds is the design entry for an invited competition–3rd prize. The project involved a proposal for a new park in the city of Astana capital city of Kazakhstan of 100 Ha. It included several facilities and infrastructure such as a land-bridge, spa, restaurants, greenhouse among others.

Full Description

Landscape, ground and nature will become increasingly important to future users and through its location, perfect symmetry and the axial and programmatic relationships to the surrounding urban grain, this new park is destined to become a major place to go meet and enjoy an extended range of activities in addition to the classical recreational functions and value. Our project is developed to enhance the given framework, highlight the axis and develop a central meeting place in a contemporary, dynamic and exciting way. Starting from the fact that Astana is located on the intersection of East and West and exponentially develops as a major link between those cultural and economic spheres, our intention is to make the park into a place where this is symbolized and can be experienced too.


Astana, Kazakhstan




3rd prize

Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design.


Astana Municipality