Parque de la Ciudadanía

Santiago de Chile, 2010

International Competition to redevelop “Parque de la Ciudadania” Sport’s Centre. The concept was developed in order to interweave different historical moments and material realities of the City of Santiago in general and the Sport’s Park in particular.

Full Name

Interwoven Ecologies, Special Mention

Full Description

To carry out this synthesis we considered two preliminary readings: on the one hand the existing spatial organization, related to the sport’s activities, and on the other the current morphology of the territory. While the former translates itself into a clear orthogonal north -south grid, the second follows the ‘natural’ movement of water along existing slopes, giving birth to a new, interwoven, spatial organisation that produces an enhanced character of the site. The project is the result of a careful negotiation between existing materials and programmes on site. In this way, our proposal can be understood as a machinic landscape, where water becomes a per-formative infrastructure that serves the necessities of the daily park’s activities and thus creates an aesthetic quality directly linked to the performance of its landscape.


Groundlab + Lyon Bosch


Delivered Competition