Sokolniki Park, Embassy of Nature

Moscow, 2015-2020

Embassy of Nature seeks to identify Sokolniki as the main Gateway to Nature in Moscow by linking the park with its surroundings and the Elk’s Island natural reserve. It does so by revamping the historical radial structure of the park to become the Eight Ways to Nature and by extending the ecological corridor to the south.

Full Description

The project is based on three principles that enhance the existing potentials of the park: its proximity to a natural reserve, the historical axial structure, its forest areas as well as the popular urban park next to the main entrance. The goal is to create a strong identity as an embassy of nature, to enhance its heritage of existing radial structure, to increase the accessibility of the park and its historical architectural elements together with the introduction of a diverse range of characters and activities in the forest as well as its historical structure.


Wowhaus (Architecture), Groundlab (Landscape Urbanism)

Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design.


1st prize competition


City of Moscow.