Thickened Waterfront

Xi'an, 2009

The pavilion is part of the Horticultural Fair that took place in Xian from April to October 2011. The project was an invitation to develop a small piece of landscape able to reflect the principles and concepts developed in the Landscape Urbanism unit at the AA.

Full Description

The pavilion uses the water and the ground as the main drivers for the design. The ground was manipulated (folded, thickened) to allow the inland and lake water to run through the inner space by means of water inlets, pools, canals expanding the water experience into the hard and soft landscape: next to benches, paths and plating areas in a seamless design.


Xian, China


Architectural Association Landscape Urbanism and Groundlab (Landscape Urbanism)



Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Construction Stage


Changba Ecological District Development Agency