Weaving Landmark

Salerno, 2015

The design continues and integrates, structurally and aesthetically, the telecommunications antenna into a single sinuous landmark whose profile transforms dynamically according to each individual point of view.

Full Description

The paths’ structure follows a diagonal grid structure that provides accessibility with minimum slopes and resting points as well as sustainable water infrastructure running alongside. It connects spatially - through the path network- and visually –each landmark in the city has a particular point of view of the tower- with Salerno. In the landing points, trees are added where necessary to protect from the sun and heat and the soil is retained with a wooden surface that serves also as furniture to create an intimate environment to rest and enjoy the landscape. The park is materialized with fully recyclable elements and compacted soil to reduce the costs and visual impact.


Salerno, Italy 


Groundlab. Structural Engineers: Vincenzo Reale, Giancarlo Torpiano


2nd prize 

Design Stages

Concept Design, Schematic Design


City of Salerno